Friday 29 August 2014

Roof Top

It is always nice to go to different places, explore what London has to offer. On this particular day I celebrated a friends 25th birthday. We had a gathering at a well known bar/restaurant "Aqua". Roof top chillings was also a part of the nights shenanigans. Don't worry, these drinks are not all mine. As I am not a drinker, I went with the classical "Sex On The Beach". Reflecting back on the tastes, I wish I went with the "Mogito"

Leather Trousers - H&M
Shirt - German Store
Shoes - Primark
Watch - DKNY

Here with the birthday girl, she is wearing:
Suit - Top Shop
Shoes - Louboutins

My hair: 
70 Sydenham Road, 
London SE26 5QE 
020 8659 6647

Now at Aqua, they have a bar area and all dinning area id split into 2. there have the Japanese side which is where we dinned and then they have the Italian/Spanish side (which I do endeavour to try). Their food was amazing. I cannot wait to make another visit to Aqua.

Monday 18 August 2014

Lean Black (LBD)

Hello my lovely readers. So couple weeks ago I attended a friends hen night. The theme was black and bling. I thought to keep it simple but sexy and elegant. Having a LBD is a wardrobe essential that every girl cannot do without.

Less is more ladies, less is more. Sometimes having accessories ruins a beautiful ensemble. As you may know by now, I do not get out much so I was excited to get dolled up for this hen night.

Dress - Misguided // Shoes - NewLook // Clutch bag - Fusion // Watch - Dkny // Necklace - D&G // Bracelets and Rings - River Island

Hair by Kontrasti Beauty Plaza
70 Sydenham Road, London, SE27 5QE
Tel: 020 8659 6647

Monday 11 August 2014


Its been a while and I hope all you lovely readers are well. Life got in the way and I took a well deserved break. While away I did manage to film and create material for blogging also so that's what will be up on my YT Channel and blog. But before all of that I managed to kick it with my girl for her birthday and thought this would be a great event to blog about. Plus I was feeling myself that day too. (Every girl is allowed that moment)

It had been a while since I participated in such shenanigans such as bowling. But I must say I really had fun. We went to a place called "All Star Lanes" on Brick Lane. Its a bowling facility with a bar and restaurant. I thought this was quite cool. (You can tell I don't get out much LOL).

Now I must say, I am in LOVE with Bowling shoes. I think they are so cool. If I could actually purchase them to wear on a regular day I actually would. They are do comfortable too. What you Think?

Sometimes its important to remind yourself to actually let go and have fun. I know for me I get too caught up in the daily grind that I may forget to actually live life as well. It's OK to have goals and plan for the future, however I have come to understand that these should not control your life otherwise it is not living. Just know that if you are ambitious, focused and determined; all you goals, plans and dreams will come to pass.
Keep Living

Crop Jumper - TopShop // Mum Jeans - River Island // Shoes - Daisy street UK // Bag - Chanel
Necklace - NewLook // Watch - DKNY // Earings - Primark

Monday 7 July 2014

Summer Haul Part 2 - Clothes

Hello Lovelies

As promised, here is part to of my long awaited summer haul. Be sure to like, comment, share and SUBSCRIBE!! to my channel... IT'S FREE :)

below is my YouTube video. Enjoy

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Thursday 3 July 2014

Summer Haul Part 1 - Shoes

Hey guys!!

I know, I know, It's been a while and I have missed you guys. Life just got in the way a little as it does. And to be honest, that will happen from time to time. Just bare with me :).

So, I have a new YouTube video. Those of you who are active followers on all my social media outlets will know that I have had a new video on my channel. Please have a look, like share, comment ans SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel. I will be grateful. <3

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Monday 23 June 2014


Top - Tesco skirt - Missguided Shoes - Lolashoetique Purse/Phone case - Primark

So Saturday, I attended a family members traditional engagement/wedding. It was a lovely but extremely hectic day. So much so that the bridal make-up I did for the bride didn't get any camera time. I did get a moment to pose for blogging purposes.
It was such a beautiful day and I couldn't resist bringing out my neon yellow girlies and PVC baby. I thought it was a bold but statement choice for the event.
I must say, I was feeling myself Saturday (lol).

I hope you all had a great day as well

P.s. My Homeland Ghana did well didn't they :) defiantly a proud supporter. Yes I actually lost my voice (lol)

My hair as usual done at Kontrasti Beauty Plaza. Based in South London. 
70 Sydenham Road
SE27 5QE 

Until Next Time

Monday 9 June 2014

Twisted 80's

I love the ever evolving fashion. It's a revolving door. Every time it comes back again the current generation finds a way to put a twist on the trends. Shows how creative individuals are. It's fascinating!! Would you agree??

Shoes, Daisy Street \\ Jeans, River Island \\ Croptop, H&M \\ Cardigan, H&M

My face of the day:
Lips: Mac Ruby Woo
Foundation: Bobby Brown stick Foundation
Eyes: Smashbox Pallet

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Birthday Girl Below. Make-up done by Yours Truly. Isn't she fine?!?!?!?

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