Saturday 1 March 2014



So as some of you may know, I am a part time Editorial Model. I also have my fair share in fashion shows too. 
Recently I had the pleasure to work with the wonderful and amazingly talented KemiKingsMUA again. 

Kemi holds regular professional make up and head hear classes for all aspiring make up artists or even just foor thoes who want to brush up on thier skills in applying make up to themselves. 

The class consisted of two days which I attended as her demo model. 
1st day - Kemi tought her students the art of make up and techiques of it all in applying make up. She also teaches her students the bussiness aspects which I thought was an absolute win for me.

2nd day - Kemi teaches the method of tieing the traditional art of head gear 'Gele'

Have a look at the amazing work she demonstrated on my face while teaching her students

Kemi's art on my face still in progress as demontrating to her students. (first 3 pictures Kemi's work)

Below are the students' attempt to practice what they had learnt on the teaching course (Day One)
Student Implicating what she had learnt from day one on my face

The lovey Kemi and I day one of make class

Day Two. Kemi's head gear demonstration. ( I with bare face)

 Here is what one of the students beautifully managed to do on my face of day two. She took everything she learnt over the past 2 days and executed it wonderfully on mt face and head.

This only goes to show what a great teacher KemiKingsMUA is.

Follow her on instagram @kemikingsmua

Staceychellz <3


Its been a Looong minute since I last posted. However, I've been reconnecting with some old beauty faves.

Recently it has been this nail polish from Bourjois. I absolutley love the finish it gives. This is only one coat it it is so opaque. 

Im not one for silver Jewelry/accessories (except wedding and engagement rings) however, I have revently become acustom to silver accessories. How Strange

I know some prople say its an abomination to mix your accessories i.e. gold and siver, but thats what I've been doing recently and I love it. It's different and unique to ones style.
Accessories from HnM

Staceychellz <3