Tuesday 24 February 2015

Oscars 2015

So the biggest award show has surpassed us now and I must say the fashion this year was mind blowing. It seems like the general theme of the event was all about elegantcy and sophistication. I decided to list my favorite the women who blew me away. It is listed in no particular order because i honestly cannot choose. I love them all. I am also discussing the common themes that ran throughout the evening that I realized.

So Jennifer Lopez was my most favorite look of the night. This Elie Saab gown is just perfection on her. So flattering. She executes sophistication. Her hair and make up is done just right and I am just in awe of this gown. This woman can do no wrong. There where many nude toned gowns last night but by all means JLo had the best in my eyes
TREND: Blush Toned Nudes + The Pony Tail

Zendaya is a style icon of mine (just to put it out there) And I find it amazing that she is so young and inspires women of all ages. She has really come into her own.
 I must admit. when I first saw this picture, I was not a fan at all. However, the more I stared at it in disbelief that there's a possibility I may not like a look of hers. I began to see how beautiful she looked. Her makeup was excellent... I mean if I had that on my face I would not want to wipe it off.  Her Hair.... OMG!!!!! I wish I can put Emoji's. Its to die for. I mean can we just take a moment of silence for this greatness?!?!? Thanks for the "stylesperation" Zen
She totally rocked this beautiful gown. The gown completely complemented her ever so perfect body structure. Her hair and makeup is hands down my fave of the night.
(wow... I had a lot to say about her lol)
TREND: This year there was a residing trend in the Iridescent White Gowns

To be honest, I've never really taken notice of Rosamund Pike's fashion statements until last night. The Gone Girl actress did absolutely no wrong in this drop dead gorgeous gown. This Givenchy number is just stunning. my favorite thing about her look is that she did not accessories. She kept it to the bare minimum. No Clutch... Nothing. It gives sexiness a new name (if that even makes sense). Shes mysterious... and I love it.
TREND: True Reds, High Slits.

Emma Stone is just divine in this Elie Saab number. Its funny because this dress when not worn doesn't look like something I would love. however, seeing it worn, for me makes the dress come alive. I especially love it on Emma because the color is a perfect match for her skin. You Go Girl!!
TREND: Bold Lips.

Lupita Nyong'o Is stunning. Her Black Beauty alone is to die for. This Custom Calvin Klein ensemble is just beautiful. I think she is the only one who could pull of such a purl studded gown like this. her dark chocolate skin illuminates the dress which is the thing I love most about this look. I must say though, I am not a huge fan of the heavy Purling in the neck area.

This legend just rocked the red carpet last night. This gown just hugs Oprah in all the right places. she is just so simple, yet flattering and elegant. What more can I say about this legend.

Some More Of My Favorites

Disclaimer: Apologize for the lack of post and for this post being late. I have been unwell lately, but I still wanted to get this up for you guys.

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Friday 13 February 2015


I've been absolutely in love with these Sleek Matte Me Ultra Smooth Lip Creams (Liquid Lipstick) . They have steadily become my favorite go to lip colors for a long time. I cannot even remember... like in how long.
They are so creamy and smooth on the lips. And... that's a HUGE advantage for me as I have very dry lips therefore I hate things that are hard on them and drying. These lips creams are the total opposite for me. They are so moisturizing and light. I forget I'm even wearing them. 
They last all day and are perfect for that Valentines date. You do not have to worry about having to constantly top up your lippie.
Most of all, they are purse/wallet friendly retailing at only £4.99. Great huh

***This is not a sponsored post. I truly love these lippies.****

You saw 'Sleek' on staceychellz first

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Wednesday 11 February 2015


So its drawing closer and closer to Valentines day, and while I will be celebrating the day of Love, I wanted to draw away from blogging about the "Holiday".  
During my days off work, I take every given day to feel sexy, commanding, comfortable in my own clothing rather than my tomboy (not that there is anything wrong with it... I love it too) uniformed work look Monday-Friday.
I've been really enjoying my Topshop distressed Jamie jeans (new buy) lately. They are so comfortable, classic and can be dressed up or down and the versatility of them makes me love them even more.

How do your clothes make you feel?

Jeans - Topshop // Shirt - Topshop // Leather jacket - H&M // Shoes - Lolashoetique // Bag - Chanel

Until Next Time, Stay Balanced.

Sunday 8 February 2015

Keeping It Clean

We all thrive and aspire to have good skin. Those of us in the beauty enticed world are obsessed with different routines, techniques and a whole load of products to have that youthful, radiant, glowing skin. But...

How many of us actually look to the root cause of bad/problem skin? The tools we use to 'Beat' our faces. Our brushes. Each day we use our make up brushes to apply products it gathers bacteria. The more we use it, the more it grows.

Washing/spot cleaning our tools on a daily basis will prevent the buildup of bacteria we transfer to our faces.
I've had the Sigma Spa brush cleaning device for a little over a year now and I must say I've been loving it. Its quick and easy. I usually use either hair shampoo or baby Johnson's shampoo to wash my brushes.

How often do you wash yours? And what with?

Until next time Stay Balanced

Tuesday 3 February 2015

The Turtle Neck

WOW... Where has the time gone?! Can you believe we're in February?! It's getting colder and colder each day. Embracing snow this morning was a nice. Refreshing, yet a chilling calm and I must say that although I am not a winter individual, I was happy with the crisp air.

Jumpers are a must have during this time of year. And lately I have been a huge fan with the turtle neck. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those individuals who loves to stay warm. But I feel extremely uncomfortable when I am overly layered up. I'm a fan of winter clothing pieces that can carry out multiple tasks - keep me stylish yet warm and cosy.

These Missguided turtle neck jumpers just do that all and more. Lately, I've been reaching for Black and Grey a lot. It just feels right you know...

Bag - Zara // Jeans - Topshop // Boots - Asos // Watch - Dkny // Studs - h&m

Until next time, Stay Balanced