Wednesday 20 July 2016

Updated Brow Routine

My technique of my brows has not changed as such but the products I used have so I decided to film an updated routine for you guys. I hope you enjoy :) xx

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Luxemme Summer Wear

The summer so far in the UK has been hit and miss lately. But, I was lucky enough to bask in the Tenerife sun earlier on and therefore I was able to enjoy all my summer pieces.

I was lucky enough to have been sent a beautiful 2 piece from Luxemme to enjoy for the lovely summer weather. Unfortunately I feel that the sizes run small and the top half did not fit will. so if you want to purchase anything from Luxemme then please make sure to size up. 

I love this Faux Sued Shorts. I feel it goes so well with my fashion sense. You all know me. I love my neutrals... Even in the summer. 

Writing this blog now in a mixed weather here in London makes me miss this villa so much. 

Make sure to check out Luxemme and all their latest fashion pieces at:

Check out two piece sets from luxemme at:

Weekday Get Ready Me

Hey Loves!!!
So below is a video link to show you how I get ready for a weekday night out. I am starting to go out more in the weekdays during this lovely summer weather. I hope you enjoy and GRWM