Monday 23 June 2014


Top - Tesco skirt - Missguided Shoes - Lolashoetique Purse/Phone case - Primark

So Saturday, I attended a family members traditional engagement/wedding. It was a lovely but extremely hectic day. So much so that the bridal make-up I did for the bride didn't get any camera time. I did get a moment to pose for blogging purposes.
It was such a beautiful day and I couldn't resist bringing out my neon yellow girlies and PVC baby. I thought it was a bold but statement choice for the event.
I must say, I was feeling myself Saturday (lol).

I hope you all had a great day as well

P.s. My Homeland Ghana did well didn't they :) defiantly a proud supporter. Yes I actually lost my voice (lol)

My hair as usual done at Kontrasti Beauty Plaza. Based in South London. 
70 Sydenham Road
SE27 5QE 

Until Next Time

Monday 9 June 2014

Twisted 80's

I love the ever evolving fashion. It's a revolving door. Every time it comes back again the current generation finds a way to put a twist on the trends. Shows how creative individuals are. It's fascinating!! Would you agree??

Shoes, Daisy Street \\ Jeans, River Island \\ Croptop, H&M \\ Cardigan, H&M

My face of the day:
Lips: Mac Ruby Woo
Foundation: Bobby Brown stick Foundation
Eyes: Smashbox Pallet

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Birthday Girl Below. Make-up done by Yours Truly. Isn't she fine?!?!?!?

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Sunday 8 June 2014

All White Eerrrrthang

Theres no better feeling than beeing content and happy with who you are. The most beautiful thing about being you is when you can still be happy accepting all flaws. Understanding that there can never be another you and that the flaws that come with you as a package means that you are uniquley beautiful.

Happiness isn't borrowed or found. Over the years, Ive learnt that you have to just grab it otherwise it will pass you by. Stop all the worrying and you'll see things will work out for the greater good. Trust me!!!

...Plus stress and worry makes one age quick (lol) This is true

I can say, "I think I Love who I'm becoming"

You Should Too!!

I love white. It breaths freshness, sophistication, classiness and of course purity. It is surely hard to keep clean especially on a hot summers day barbecue.
Happy Sunday!!!

Shoes, Lola Shoetique \\ Trousers, Zara \\  Blazer, H&M (Similar) \\ Cami, Tesco
Shades, Primark \\ Necklace, New Look \\ Watch, DKNY \\ Braclet & ring combo, H&M