Sunday 16 February 2014


We've had dreadful weather these past couple of months and its been impossible to get in the mood for looking good.
However, today has been a good day. I always say ('the weather needs to make up its mind! Is it Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn/Fall').

Today has been a day of reflection for me. A day of embracing what I already have, being happy in my skin. As a being, the biggest gift you can do for yourself is to love you and be happy with you and what you have to offer to the world.
I hope you do the same too. Embrace who you are and are continuing to evolve.

Shirt: French Connection | Blazer: H'n'M | Skirt: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: Aldo | Coat: Zara | Bag: Primark
Watch: DKNY | Bracelets: Guess & Primark

Happy Sunday 
Staceychellz <3

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