Monday 10 August 2015

OOTD Ft Stella & Dot

As you may know by now. I love simplicity in clothing. I enjoy expressing style of fashion in a very quiet but still loud way. I know... you may be thinking well girl you just don't make sense.
Well let me explain... I love pairing the simplest of items and at times having a pop of colour in the mix. just as I have demonstrated in this outfit of the day.

I attended a Stella & Dot product party and was blown away by this little clutch/purse/phone holder. I knew I had to have it. To be honest, at first all I wanted was a black, cream or white version and once I discovered it never came in those colours I was still happy that I could have such a great piece in a good colour such as red to sproose up my OOTD's.

I am now working closely with a Stella & Dot representitive to bring you all great content.

Just wait and see :)

In the mean time, Please check out my related video below:

Shoes - Lolashoetique \\ Jeans - Topshop \\ Tshirt - H&M \\ Scarf - Ghana \\ Purse - Stella & Dot

You Saw OOTD Ft Stella & Dot on first.

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